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April 9, 2009
Man shot three times in leg by cop at Hospital

A man who had earlier assaulted a visitor to these shores was shot three times by police at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital last Saturday.{{more}}

At around 1 pm, Colin Jones, who is reported to have a history of mental illness, slapped an elderly male tourist, resulting in the tourist being cut on his face by his spectacles.

A report was made to the police and shortly after, the assailant was apprehended by the police, but he did not go quietly.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the man attacked the officers and sustained an injury during the struggle.

He was eventually taken to the Hospital to be treated for the injury and used the opportunity to launch another attack at the lawmen.

This, as several persons, including those who were awaiting medical attention at the Accident and Emergency Department and hospital staffers, scattered for safety.

Reports indicate that Jones gave the police officer more than they bargained for – he attacked the lawmen with an oxygen cylinder.

This is when, according to the police, they were forced to shoot him.

Jones was shot three times in his legs to subdue him, just inside the doors to the Accident and Emergency department, SEARCHLIGHT understands.

Meanwhile, head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Superintendent Brinsley Ballantyne told SEARCHLIGHT that he wants it made clear that the assault on the tourist was an isolated one.

The senior officer said that there are instances when vagrants “harass” the tourists in the sense of begging for money or something to eat, but an assault of the type that happened on the day in question is uncommon.

The CID head said that a full investigation into the shooting and all the circumstances surrounding it will be done so as to ensure that the officers did what was required of them.

A Hospital source told SEARCHLIGHT that staffers were a bit shaken by the incident, and some questioned if that level of force by the police was justified.

Jones was still hospitalized at press time, and faces several charges stemming from the incident.