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June 27, 2008

Knife wielding man rapes, slashes Fair Hall woman

Bleeding profusely from wounds inflicted by her knife-wielding attacker, a 33-year-old woman begged him not to rape her, but to no avail.

Having gone to sleep at her Fair Hall home last Sunday night, the woman was awakened at about 1:30 on Monday morning by the noise caused by her bedroom door being kicked in. She then came face to face with the man – the source of her eyes-wide-open nightmare.{{more}}

A reliable source close to the victim told SEARCHLIGHT that the man, who had chiseled and cut around the lock on the kitchen door, demanded money from his victim and told her that he was going to rape her.

He slashed her across her face and cut her several other times on her hands and other parts of her body as she tried to defend herself. In the midst of the struggle, he also hit her on the head with a bottle of Ponche Kuba, SEARCHLIGHT understands.

The attacker, who police believe may be responsible for a series of recent attacks on women in the Villa / Fair Hall/Calliaqua/Queen’s Drive / Arnos Vale area, re-emphasized his demand for money and led the traumatized woman to her living room, where she gave him the money she had in her purse.

Despite her desperate pleas, the man proceeded to rape the woman on her couch, and after he was finished, took her to the bedroom and demanded more money.

The man reportedly told his victim that he had been watching her for a very long time and even made reference to a previous relationship that she was in. He also said that he had killed four times before and was going to kill her too.

To distract him, SEARCHLIGHT understands that the woman told him that she had some more money in her purse, and as he turned to walk towards the living room, she jumped through her bedroom window in a bid to escape.

Her attacker escaped through the same door that he entered.

The police were contacted and the woman rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where at press time she was still receiving treatment for her injuries.

A male relative of the woman has expressed disappointment with how the matter was initially handled by the police. He said that while the woman was being rushed to hospital, the police were on their way up to the apartment. The police turned around and followed the vehicle transporting the victim and asked the relatives to secure the house.

“Suppose we didn’t know how to operate and had gone in the apartment and touched or moved things, they couldn’t send a police officer there?” the relative asked.

He said that the police came to the apartment at about 6 a.m.