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June 20, 2008

Kyle stamps his authority on Common Entrance Examination

He loves the music of the late, great, superstars, Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross. He enjoys reading, doesn’t watch much television, and for a recent examination, he disciplined himself and studied on his own. {{more}} Who is he?

He is not a university student completing his bachelor’s degree, or even a college student writing A-Levels.

He is 11-year-old Kyle James, the top performer in this year’s Common Entrance Examination.

Kyle, a student of the Kingstown Preparatory School walked away with the top honours with an overall average of 98.66 per cent. He also tied for first place in the General Paper section of the exam with 98.33 percent, and stood alone as the top performer in English with 99.24 per cent.

“I felt excited and happy, but I was a bit surprised that I was first,” said the calmly confident young man.

He told SEARCHLIGHT that the Common Entrance Exam was challenging, but his hard work paid off.

James is the only child of Dr Franklyn James and Louisa James, of Cane Hall, and he thanked them both, along with his teachers and God for his outstanding performance.

The standard that he has set by being the top Common Entrance performer is not lost to James, but he told SEARCHLIGHT that he is avoiding thinking about secondary school at this time.

“I am just trying to relax,” he said.

He should have lots of relaxation time as he cashes in on his promised prize for a good performance, a trip to Canada in July.

As he looks forward to his secondary school education however, Kyle, who has always maintained a 96 per cent and above average throughout his primary school years, says that he will not be putting any untold pressure on himself – only to do the best that he can.

Not a bad attitude for an aspiring psychiatrist at all; not bad for a young man who wants to know how the human mind works.