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December 14, 2007
Courts winner: The Lord told me to get a licence

Earlier this year, he claims that the Lord told him to get his driver’s licence, and now Rohan Providence has won the first car on offer in the Courts Car campaign.{{more}}

The 28-year-old employee of the Inland Revenue Department was in Layou last Tuesday when he got a phone call from a stranger asking Rohan to meet him at Heritage Square.

“I didn’t know what to think, but I decided to come,” Rohan told SEARCHLIGHT.

The Green Hill resident said that he was excited and surprised, because “I have never won anything like this in my life.”

The devout Christian said that earlier this year, when he got the divine admonition, he didn’t understand the reason, but now he does.

Rohan admitted that he was unsure as to whether or not he would keep the brand new shiny red Suzuki Swift, seeing that he is set to travel to Trinidad for a year to complete accounting studies.

“Whatever I decide, though, the car is a blessing,” Rohan, who purchased a washing machine from Courts, said.

“The Courts car campaign was developed to make our customers’ dreams become a reality. This is what we do best, rewarding our valued customers,” said Courts Marketing Executive, Alexis Harry.

The draw for the first car was made in the store, and it was former national footballer Rodwell Alexander who pulled the winning entry.

Customers were given an entry form for the first $50 that they spent, and an additional form for every $250 spent thereafter. The remaining forms in the barrel, along with those for December shoppers will remain until the last draw, which is scheduled for the second week of January.

Another lucky customer will walk, no, drive away, in another spanking new, red Suzuki Swift.

Rohan was presented with his keys by Courts General Manager Edward Newman. (KJ)