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February 23, 2007
Fugitive caught in Chato

After being a fugitive for just a few hours, Reynold Castle was apprehended in Chateaubelair last Friday. The 23-year-old Glen resident who was involved in the fatal stabbing of Cornelius Scott made his way to Chateaubelair where he hired a water taxi to take him to Duvalier Bay.

A local water taxi operator who didn’t wish to be named told SEARCHLIGHT, that after the police informed him that the fugitive was at large, he called his captain at sea and told him that they had just been hired for a big fare so he had to return to port.{{more}}

Castle had no idea what was in store for him. When the boat docked at the Chateaubelair wharf at about 12:30 p.m. Police Constables 683 Spring and 597 Pierre who were in civilian attire, apprehended him at gunpoint.

“I don’t know why they come down here when they commit they crime,” one resident said. “Let them know that Chateaubelair is no safe haven for criminals,” said another.

Persons on the run from the law have been known to take to the mountains in the north but many of them have been caught by the hills-men and handed over to the police.

Castle was handed over to the Calliaqua police who were in the area and was charged with murder on Tuesday.

Hiding his face with his jersey and holding a bag in the air, chants of “Is money run things, all you have to pay to tek my picture” were the comments made by murder accused Reynold Castle after leaving the Serious Offences Court last Tuesday.

Castle, a 23-year-old national of Arima, Trinidad who resides in Glen was charged with the February 16th stabbing murder of 20-year-old Cornelius Scott also of Glen. Castle was not able to enter a plea as the charge was laid as an indictable one.

Police apprehended Castle the same day in Chateaubelair.

He was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison until April 19 when a date is to be set for the Preliminary Inquiry into the matter.