Kalina thanks God for ‘leading the way’
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June 23, 2006
Kalina thanks God for ‘leading the way’

Kalina Browne is from a renowned Caribbean family. Her father is Mike Browne, previously Minister of Education, and now Minister of National Mobilisation, Social Development, Non Government Organisations (NGO) Relations, Family, Gender Affairs and Persons with Disabilities following the December 7, 2005 general elections. Her mother is Zoila Ellis Browne, a lawyer of Belize origin.{{more}}

But Kalina is not depending on her parents’ achievements to propel her through life. She is making her own mark.

She thanked “God for leading the way,” and in deep religious fashion added: “Without him, nothing is possible.” She also extended gratitude to her teachers.

Kalina placed second overall and second for girls in the 2006 Common Entrance Exams. She had grades of 92.33% in Maths, 91.67% for English and 88.33% for General Paper.

She is happy with her performance and expressed surprise that she did so well.

“It was a nationwide examination. I did not expect to do so well competing with thousands of children,” Kalina said.

Kalina is also a music student, still learning the piano, and has interests in swimming and squash.

Her advice to other students is “They should not wait until the third term to study and open their books. And don’t play around because they think they will get into a secondary school in any case. You should work hard to go to the school of your choice.”

Kalina’s performance added to an outstanding display from the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School.