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June 23, 2006


A number of former calypso monarchs will try to return to glory in 2006. But they will have to get through the semifinals.

Among those chosen for Fantastic Friday, June 30 is Princess Monique. Her song for this year is “Mother Fighting Back.” She failed to do the hat trick last year as she was dethroned by reigning monarch Glenroy ‘Sulle’ Caesar.{{more}}

Royalty in many ways touches Cornelius ‘Poorsah’ Williams. He emerged from the Junior ranks to take the Road March title for the first time in 1983. He repeated his Road March success in 1988, with ‘Mouth In Me Moma’, and won both the Road March and Calypso Monarch titles that year.

He did a hat-trick of Road March winners from 2001, with ‘Hairy Bank,’ 2002: ‘Chook It Up’ and 2003: ‘Sling Shot.’

Poorsah with his number ‘Inside Job’ is considered one of this year’s favourites.

Errol ‘De Man Age’ Rose retained the crown in 2000, and will be hoping for royalty again. His song is ‘Ghetto Man To Me Heart.’

Elvis ‘Abijah’ Abbey was the 2002 Calypso monarch and will consider himself in the fray for another crown. His preliminary song was ‘Calypso Boat.’

Quintyn ‘Toiler’ Toby, swept all and sundry in 1974 with a classic called ‘Who Kill The Puppy?’ That song propelled him to the double: Road March and calypso crown. He is a veteran of five decades in the arena and will consider his chances of royalty as good as any. His song is a ‘Tribute To Glenn.’

Dennis Bowman took the 1997 Soca Monarch and will be looking to expand his sovereignty with the song: ‘Strong Constitution.’ Derek ‘De Man Sick’ Alexander is the reigning New Song Competition winner, with ‘Me Key.’ He will be looking to enhance his reputation having established himself in royal circles in South Leeward.

Fitzroy ‘Brother Ebony’ Joseph has the honour of winning the New Song Competition twice and he will be looking to add to his profile in the calypso arena with his song ‘Heaven Help Us All.’

Shaunelle McKenzie has been in regal circles from Primary School. She dominated the Secondary School competition, and with experience in the entertainment industry, she will have her eyes on the bigger prize. Her number is ‘We Don’t Like We.’

The newly accredited Up Stage Experience has seven persons in the semifinal.

Besides Poorsah, Shaunelle, and Brother Ebony, Arlene ‘Kijah Gani’ Legair represents that Tent. Her song is ‘In Private.’

Ronald ‘Ron B’ Browne has been in the musical circles for some time. This year he made a transition from judge and is viewed as an authority in the line up with his selection ‘Say A Little Prayer.’

The other newcomer is Kittitian-born Dwight ‘Dwighty’ Huggins. He married Vincentian Lydia Pope last October and has taken up residence and Vincentian citizenship. His number is ‘A Prayer Of Understanding.’ He is an Accountant employed with the nation’s Inland Revenue Department. Dwighty is qualified for his musical sojourn having played saxophone with the band Elly Matt and the GI Brass.

John Dougan joins the entourage from the Dynamites Calypso Tent. He will be looking to the final with one of his songs being ‘Another Term.’

Glenroy ‘Azara’ Charles wants to ‘Deal With The Issues,’ while Grantley ‘Ipa’ Constance, says ‘Can’t Tell The Comrade So.’ Winfield ‘Mighty Rey’ Williams did ‘Ah Want Back Me Thing’ in the preliminaries and ‘Sunny Banks’ Young wants the Prime Minister to ‘Do Better Than That.’ They along with Abijah doing ‘Calypso Boat,’ represent the On Tour Calypso Tent.

Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts, did ‘D Pan Scientist,’ Cecile ‘Little Bit’ Murray: ‘Is Carnival Again,’ and Princess Monique are the Graduates members.

North/South Leeward Tent secured two picks in Man Sick and Toiler.

The reserves are Sherene and Michael ‘Black Messenger’ John from Graduates.

Ten will progress to the Dimanche Gras carded for July 9 at Carnival City, Victoria Park.

The bands Access and Nex Level will accompany the semifinalists. They will make way for the Police band in the final.