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April 13, 2006
Tourist drowns in Southern Grenadines

The tranquility of the Palm island Resort was interrupted last week Wednesday, April 5, by the death of a visitor, who was at the time bathing in the beautiful, refreshing waters of the island resort.

Dead is Austrian Joseph Kniewallner who was one of a group of 10 aboard a yacht that had anchored off the island for some relaxation.{{more}}

Information reaching the SEARCHLIGHT indicates that a bartender saw Kniewallner experiencing difficulty and alerted the beach attendant. Attempts were made to assist the struggling bather, said to have been quite a large man. In the end, it took five persons to get him out of the water.

Island doctor Patrick Chevailler and others including guests of the resort tried in vain to revive Kniewallner. The Coast Guard and Government Doctor were summoned from Union Island but the unfortunate tourist had already died. He is believed to have suffered a heart attack while swimming.

Palm island’s resident Manager Margaret Meyers said that all on the island were saddened by Kniewallner’s death. “It is unfortunate that such a thing happened.” She however stated that things were back to normal on the island paradise.