Veteran Broadcaster and Press Secretary to PM found dead
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March 10, 2006

Veteran Broadcaster and Press Secretary to PM found dead

When word spread on Monday March 6 that Press Secretary to the Prime Minister, Glen Jackson was dead, many believed it was just a sick rumour. {{more}}

As the story gained currency, hundreds rushed to Cane Garden to see if what they had heard could indeed be true.

It was perhaps the yellow crime scene ribbon cordoning off Jackson’s darkly tinted Toyota Rav 4, and the policemen dusting for fingerprints on the vehicle and searching the nearby bushes that drove reality home to the hundreds that flocked to the scene in a matter of minutes.

But before the arrival of the police and the crowds, it was Jackson’s son, Glendon and his stepfather, Vinny Robin who had been the first to behold the shocking sight of Jackson’s lifeless, nude body.

Speaking with the Searchlight newspaper, the visibly distressed Robin revealed that at about 9 pm on Sunday March 5, Jackson told his two sons who were at home with him that “he was going down to the road to come back.”

Although Jackson never returned that night, Robin said that it was when he did not show up for lunch at the home of his mother Yvonne, that family members became concerned.

He explained, “His mother would usually cook certain food on certain days, but when he didn’t turn up for his food, we really began to worry.”

The stepfather said that someone mentioned to him that they had seen Jackson’s vehicle parked by the side of the main road in the Cane Garden area, not very far from Jackson’s home. Robin and Jackson’s son went searching.

Robin recalled that at around 1:40pm, Glendon spotted the vehicle and opened the door of the SUV, only to be horrified by the sight of his father face-down on the back seat of the vehicle.

He recounted, ‘When Glendon opened the vehicle, he screamed, “Oh God! Look Daddy here dead!”’

Robin narrated how the teenager almost fainted at the sight of his father’s lifeless body.

He continued, “I just caught him in time because we were so shocked at what we saw. So I just had to take Glendon to the vehicle and speed down to the home at Frenches, and then rush to the police station to report it.”

He lamented, ‘I can’t believe it: it is just sad, really sad to see Glen like that. It was really sad.”