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February 24, 2006


“There really seems to be no solution right now to ease the pain!”

This is Lonnie Robinson’s plight as he endures endless sleepless nights.

He could be your son, brother or friend.

Robinson, a final year student of the Community College, requires critical reconstructive surgery and is in dire need of help.{{more}}

Vincentians are being asked to make a contribution at a benefit concert which will be staged today at the Nutricia Netball Court at New Montrose by his colleagues at the Community College. They are trying to raise funds to assist with his medical expenses, estimated at EC$250, 000.

Up until October 9, 2005, the 18-year-old Peniston lad led a normal life. He was a dynamic participant in activities at the Community College and held the post of President of the Student Council, with big dreams of becoming a meteorologist.

However, on that fateful day while riding his bicycle in Campden Park, Lonnie was involved in a serious accident that almost claimed his life.

He suffered severe trauma to his head, a six-inch skull fracture, face and dental trauma, and severe nerve injury that has caused paralysis to his left arm. He is also suffering wastage of the muscle in that arm resulting in a dislocation of his left shoulder. And more seriously, Lonnie had been placed on a meningitis watch.

“Right now I have a leakage that comes from my brain,” said Lonnie wiping a few drips from his nostril. He said the doctor told him there is fluid around his brain.

“The past few months have been totally different and totally terrible at times,” Lonnie told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday.

“Even the strongest medication they had me on that still really hasn’t been able to ease the pain,” said Lonnie, adding, “I have continuous pain day and night. At first it was difficult to sleep but now I’m getting a bit here and there.”

Amidst Lonnie’s perils his will power remains fortified.

“This is just a minor setback. Eventually I’ll get around to accomplish what I started,” said Lonnie.

Lonnie’s mother, Daphne Robinson, lamented that she is very hurt when she considers her only child’s dilemma.

However, she remains thankful to God that he is still alive.

“I’ll do my best to make his life as comfortable and easy as possible,” said Daphne.

On Tuesday, a formal launch of the benefit concert took place at the Community College.

A plan has been put in place to have a live broadcast of the event via Cross Country Radio and Nice Radio. Contributors may call 4585555 to offer their pledges.

Alternatively, an account for Lonnie has been opened at RBTT#0107213085 for any contributions that persons may wish to make.