Get on board, sail entrepreneurial ship
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October 28, 2005
Get on board, sail entrepreneurial ship

Vincentians are being urged to get on board and sail on the “entrepreneur-ship” to move the country forward. This advice came from Head of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy, CSME, Ivor Carryl as he addressed business persons at the Entrepreneurs Going Places 2005 Conference held at the Peace Memorial Hall on Tuesday October 25.

In his motivational speech Carryl emphasised that a “mind change” must take place if countries like St.Vincent and the Grenadines are to survive the sea of competitive businesses.{{more}}

He pointed out that governments could do little to deflect the blows of countries who no longer give sympathetic support and preferential treatments and advised Vincentians to find ways to improve their businesses.

The CSME representative noted that if this country aims to go into the service industry it must first do all that is possible to train and set up the infrastructure to cater to that particular sector.

He added that entrepreneurs must be motivated to go beyond the boundaries of their country to sell their products. “We don’t have a shortage of market, but we have a basic shortage of supply.”

The passionate speaker said he often encourages students to develop their own businesses instead of expecting people to provide a job for them.

Feature speaker Dr. Jules Ferdinand called on business people to ride “the flight” of entrepreneurship despite the turbulence. He outlined that one of the hindrances of a smooth flight was a lack of finance and most female entrepreneurs often faced that burden.

Dr. Ferdinand criticised many of the men in financial institutions that women have approached for financial assistance and described them as “dinosaurs,” with prehistoric mindsets.

He shared an experience where his wife was hindered from getting financial assistance when she approached the financier alone, but got through speedily when she went with him.

Dr. Ferdinand noted that CED was there as a business health care centre to help those entrepreneurs who needed assistance and reduce their risk of failure.

Representing the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ellison Clarke called on entrepreneurs to practise what he described as the three P’s in their businesses. They were described as Passion, Precision and Party. He explained that while business people must be passionate and precise about what they do, they must also Party and enjoy working.

Also addressing the conference were Minister of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade, Michael Browne and Manager of the CED, Felix Lewis. The topic for the conference was, “CSME: The likely impact on the SME sector in St.Vincent and the Grenadines – Threats, Opportunities and Recommendations for action in preparation for the event and beyond.”