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April 8, 2005


Vincentians watched with pride and satisfaction last Tuesday night as Sophia Christopher Young raised the national flag to another level. This time it was at the highest standards of American basketball as Young powered her Baylor Bears to their first NCAA victory. {{more}}

While most persons lapped up the action from the comfort of their homes, bars, shops or other approved spots, many of Young’s Vincentian basketball counterparts cheered her on at the nation’s basketball home, the New Montrose Hard Court.

As crude as those facilities may be, a large screen was provided and temporary shelter was erected. Basketball fans and enthusiasts roared with Young’s every acrobatic move.

She scored 26 points, had nine rebounds and four assists to lead Baylor University to an 84 -62 victory over Michigan State University.

She played what perhaps will go down as one of her most memorable games. She used her six foot one inch frame to great advantage. Young manuevered her way around the basketball court, outplayed and outwitted her opponents with a display which gave testimony to her off the court preparation.

A humble and dedicated sporting athlete, Young served as her team’s pivot and her dynamic Caribbean flair proved to be an inspiration.

Sophia was unstoppable. She scored 18 second half points to add salt to the wounds of the Michigan State team.

Inevitably, Young was named MVP of the final four.

It was a sense of personal accomplishment for Young. From the Central Leeward Town of Layou, about eight miles North West of Capital City Kingstown, Young has always shown athletic prowess.

Young exhibited leadership qualities from early. She led the Vincentian Under-16 Netball squad to a retention of the title staged in Barbados 1999. That year marked a turning point for Young. She formed a formidable duo with Sancho Lyttle at goal keep, while Young maintained the goal defense.

After her rampage with the Under-16 sqaud, Young moved straight to the United States on a basketball scholarship to Louisana.

A former Layou Government School student, Young moved on to the Bethel High School where her real ball skills were discovered. The Baylors triumph last Tuesday was a culmination of her journey.

In a post-game interview Sophia stated: “This is what I came here for, I am living my dream.”

US sports commentators who marvel at her skill were in ignorance of the fact that she began her basketball career as a member of the Hairoun Basketball Club before leaving here for the USA.

Local coach Wayne Williams was instrumental in Young obtaining her basketball scholarship.

Young’s performance has been hailed as another revelation of the country’s sporting reservoir.