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February 18, 2005


Patsy Latchman is a former Sales Agent with the British American Insurance Company, a culture lover, and has a genuine outlook for the integration of the region.

Today she is still thankful to the Almighty for saving her life, even though she has visible scars of her courtship with death. Latchman, from Park Hill was one of five members of the Caribbean Vizion who survived the accident in St. Lucia which took the life of calypsonian Jany Williams.{{more}}

It was Jany Williams, who, just three months before her death, had created a phenomenon in her native St. Lucia as she stormed her way to the national Monarch title with renditions of two dynamic songs: ‘I’m Having A Baby’ and ‘The Crown’.

Jany was taking one of her friends home when the car carrying the Vizion group members skidded and plunged over 400 feet down a cliff.

Latchman, is still trying to come to terms with the horrors of that accident. She suffered a broken shoulder and a broken pelvis and a piece of metal or some other object pierced her left leg. She spent five days at the St. Lucia Hospital and was ordered to get as much rest as possible.

A dramatist and former Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia student, Latchman’s potential landed her in the ranks of the Caribbean Vizion. She still has some fervour and commitment to the group’s ideals, but now has to continue her adjustment to her new physical condition.

The others in the car at the time of the mishap were St. Lucian Vera Samuels, Guyanese Bill Rogers Jr,, Choclate Allen, and Keeshan ‘Banka’ Walwyn.

Rogers, still nursing an injury to his right hand as a result of the mishap, said he was thrown from the vehicle.

“I find myself sitting,” Rogers recalled Tuesday.

Choc’late recalled finding herself in a garden, and incredibly, she only had scratches. They both had survived. But their beloved Jany was not so fortunate.