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December 3, 2004

Confusion, uncertainty and speculation surround the death of 43-year-old slain taxi driver Peter “Kazaman” Joseph. {{more}}

Joseph’s bullet-riddled body was found in an off road near to the Arnos Vale roundabout Tuesday when police responded to reports of gunshots in the neighbourhood the night before. Investigators first came upon Joseph’s Honda Legend riddled with bullets Monday night, but only discovered the body nearby Tuesday morning.

Described by relatives and friends as a “cool person” who had no known enemies, Joseph died from multiple gunshots that pierced his hand, head, chest and other parts of his body.

The former taxi driver’s sister, Stephanie Joseph, said that her brother has left behind three children.

Joseph said her brother was a taxi driver for as long as she could remember and to her knowledge, he had no known enemies. The distraught woman could not contain her emotions and wept openly.

Errol Joseph, a brother of the murdered man, commented, “I feel it,” adding, “Everybody know him, he cool, he not someone to make war with nobody, so this is frightening.”

Errol said his brother was good to his mother and everybody. He also spoke about that fact that although his brother’s taxi was found the night of the shooting, his body was not found until the next morning.

Another brother, Keith Joseph, giving the facts surrounding his brother’s death, said the car was found with the engine still running and the lights on. He said his brother was found lying on his back, about 20 yards away on a pasture with his cell phone clutched in one hand.

Relatives believe Joseph may have received a call while at his Lodge Village home just before driving to Arnos Vale where he met his death Monday night.

The deceased, Peter Joseph, operated from the taxi stand in front of the Government Administrative Complex (Financial Complex) on Bay Street. Family members are hoping that police solve this crime quickly so that persons can know the truth.

Up to press time, no one had been detained in relation to the incident.