Livingston dies in hail of gunfire
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August 27, 2004

Livingston dies in hail of gunfire

Flowers and a white figure painted onto the drain now mark the spot where the body of a resident of the Sion Hill Community was found Monday morning.
A ripple of gunshots had rung out just before 3:00 a.m. in the vicinity of the Sion Hill intersection.{{more}}
When the shots abated, the worst had unfolded and the usually vibrant community of Sion Hill was thrown into a state of gloom.
The mood was a stark contrast to that which pervaded six hours before when members of the community had come out in full numbers to welcome home and pay homage to recording artiste Kevin Lyttle. The Vincentian super star made a short stop at the Sion Hill Intersection as part of a brief visit.
Hours later, the area exuded an air of solemnity. The bullet riddled body of 28-year-old Livingston Primus, a Sion Hill resident, lay sprawled yards away from the area he frequented on a daily basis.
The dread-locked Primus was found clad in black denim jeans, white and black sneakers, red tee shirt and red bandanna on his head held together with a beret.
In the fracas, which led to Primus’ demise, 21 year-old Eli Williams of Dauphine was also wounded. Williams, originally from Georgetown, received two bullets to his abdomen. Up to Wednesday he was still a patient of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.
Reports are that both men had just returned from a function when the shooting occurred.
Primus was the fourth of six children born to Geraldine James, who resides in Barbados. Peers and family members described him as quiet, though jovial and a live- wire of the Owen Ralph and the Professional Mas Camp located just above where his corpse was discovered. Primus was a lover of sports, especially football, and represented Sion Hill at the youth level in the early 1990’s.
Police are still conducting investigations into this latest murder, which brings to 11 the number of homicides for the year and the fourth by gunshots.
Two other shooting deaths, which occurred in July, have so far not resulted in anyone being arrested. Decima John, a mother of Carriere, was gunned down the night before she was scheduled to testify in a case in which she was the rape victim. In the other incident, Antonio Cuffy, a young man of Calliaqua, died after receiving a gunshot in the midst of a crowded Carnival fete.
Security officers here have an expanding list of homicides to look into. Of five murders, which have occurred so far this year, none have yet been solved.
Livingston Primus will be buried early next week.