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July 16, 2004



The death of 23-year-old Antonio ‘Bogo’ Cuffy has sparked something of a community feud from all indications. And the conflict seems likely to continue, despite efforts from the local security forces.
Cuffy was buried last Tuesday afternoon in his hometown at Calliaqua, amidst a strong police presence. {{more}}
Calliaqua, about six miles south east of capital city is the closest town to Kingstown.
Cuffy’s death is believed to have been the culmination of an ongoing feud involving some men based in Paul’s Avenue area in the heart of Kingstown.
Cuffy, a model and former basketballer, succumbed to injuries received at a Carnival fete as the 2004 festivity wound up early Wednesday morning. It was not the first time that he had been shot during the carnival celebrations. He survived a gun incident at another carnival action during last year’s festivity.
Information from persons familiar with the episode alluded to an incident involving Cuffy and a man who lives at Choppins. That man, who also frequents the Paul’s Avenue area is reported to have had several skirmishes with Cuffy. One of them was while he was travelling by car through the Calliaqua area.
Cuffy’s shooting last Tuesday was another chapter in the drama. Cuffy survived a previous attempt on his life when he skipped some bullets in a potential drive-by incident. He was also beaten up on two different occasions.
The area clash intensified when last week Thursday morning, gunshots echoed in Paul’s Avenue. These resulted in two men receiving gunshot wounds and damage to a vehicle. Action by the Police since Cuffy’s death has netted a number of arrests of persons from both sides of the alleged antagonists. But they are yet to charge anyone with any crimes.
Cuffy’s death was one of three murders over the carnival season. And in all three cases, the Police have been left baffled as to the perpetrators of these crimes.
The first of the murders was Silma Wallace, a 37-year-old woman. Her nude body was found shortly after 6 a.m. July 3. The corpse was in a temporary toilet at White Chapel just outside the High Court building in Kingstown and not too far from Her Majesty’s Prison.
The other homicide was that of Decima John, a 34-year-old woman. She was shot outside her home at Cane End, in the interior district. She was scheduled to appear in Court Wednesday, July 7, to give evidence in a case of rape against her.
Head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Superintendent Ernest James expressed confidence that, with assistance from the public,
his department will breakthrough in the investigations into the murders.
“With the help of the public, I am sure we will make a breakthrough,” Superintendent James stated.
The CID head expressed confidence during an interview at his office last Monday. He said that officers were investigating the incidents and concrete information was limited, but with the public’s assistance the crimes will be solved. He said that persons need not disclose their identities having given information to police.
“Although we have the Major Crime Unit, we still cannot fight crime without the assistance of the public,” he stated.
James commended the Major Crime Unit, which has been effective since its establishment.
“We have put in place the Major Crime Unit which is doing a great job. There were several cases which were closed but were re-opened and accused persons taken to court,” he said.
He also expressed appreciation for the Rapid Response Unit, which assists his department.
The Superintendent also said, “Anytime there is a murder, the public wonders who is next or what is next; especially when the criminals are still at large. Civilians become afraid and policemen, when going out, have to be more cautious.”