Kaiso battle tonight
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June 25, 2004

Kaiso battle tonight

Twenty Calypsonians will tonight fight for a space in the finals of the National Calypso Competition, but being in the final ten comes with the mighty job of dethroning last year’s winner Princess Monique.{{more}}
Princess Monique has already shown that she is a force to reckon with in the Queen of Calypso Competition, taking the crown for the second year straight. And with the force of her performances before the judges this year it would seem that Monique with her “15 Talking Heads” and “Commentary Unwanted” does not intend to relinquish her crown.
Already calypso enthusiasts are predicting a repeat of the Princess-turned-queen in the national competition.
Hoping to face Princess Monique in the finals are Vibrating Scakes, Toiler and Man Jinny from Calypso Theatre. Lexi, Little Bit, Fatty Dan, Sulle, Brother Ebony and Bum-E will represent the Graduates Tent. Patches and Sonny Banks come in from the Stars.
Ipa, Abijah and Pat Ralph will represent On Tour while Blogo, Super Links and I-Come will fly the North-South Leeward banner.
Exposer, Man Age and Groovy-D have flown in from the Dynamites Tent out of New York with Zion-I and Jah Burke in reserve.
The cast for tonight’s show includes a great mix of social commentary and tempo that should provide much entertainment.
Most of the cast are seasoned calypsonians, some of whom have worn the monarch’s crown before. The inclusion of the four ladies who have already tasted competition in the Big Yard this year already, will provide some more incentive for their male counterparts to focus more on diction and elegance in their delivery.
The competition kicks off at Carnival City Victoria Park at 7 p.m. Patrons can expect a night of top calypso performances.