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June 18, 2004

Somebody was expected to be ‘Set For Life’ tonight.
However the many aspirations and dreams shared by the thousands of Vincentians across the country, of winning prizes worth half a million dollars this week, will not become a reality tonight.{{more}}
On Wednesday many persons who desperately purchased a Set for Life ticket, giving themselves a last minute opportunity in the draw had their dreams dashed. This, after learning that the big draw which was scheduled for tonight had been rescheduled by the National Lotteries Authority to Saturday, July 17, 2004.
This decision says the National Lottery Authority in a press release, was taken “due to overwhelming requests from the general public, both here at home and from Vincentians abroad who are coming home for Carnival.”
SEARCHLIGHT contacted Murray Bullock, Chairman of the National Lotteries Authority and asked the hard-hitting question “had the Set for Life game made sufficient money”? Bullock responded he was not in any position to answer the question since he did not have the facts at hand.
He, however, reiterated the factors given in the press release for the rescheduling of the date. That release says that “the new date of the Set for Life grand draw will give everyone the opportunity to get more tickets to win in this massive game.”
Many will continue to speculate whether that was the real reason for the new date. They, however may prefer the extra time this new date allows them to purchase tickets and thus increase their chances at winning the big prize.
The Set for Life prizes are a Nissan X-tail jeep valued at EC$112, 000, EC$50,000 cash and property worth over EC$300, 000.