Brutal Slaying
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April 30, 2004

Brutal Slaying

Mwata Wynne, a young man of Block 2000 Old Montrose, died in the prime of his youth on Thursday, April 22, after receiving a vicious chop to his neck.
Six days after, Kenneth Samuel of Paul Over, one of his co-workers was arrested and hauled before the Serious Offences Court charged for murder. {{more}}
A Preliminary Inquiry into the matter will commence on June 16, however the 36-year-old Samuel who was remanded in custody will present himself to court every seven days until the PI starts.
The 25-year-old Wynne, popularly known as ‘M’, was washed in blood after receiving cutlass wounds to his neck and back at Taylor & Taylor’s Arnos Vale storeroom where he was working at the time.
Reports claim that Wynne, left to die in the room, crawled his way to the outside where he tried to get help.
Concerned citizens in the busy area were instantly thrown into a state of shock as they tried to assist the young man who lay in a pool of blood.
It is alleged that the accused inflicted the cutlass wounds to Wynne’s neck following a dispute between the two men over a ten dollar bill. With much disbelief persons including the family of the deceased are refusing to buy this story and believe that there might have been more to it.
Shortly after the Arnos Vale incident Samuel is reported to have turned himself over to the police.
“I couldn’t believe it. I was like I’m not in this world when I got the news,” said Wynne’s grieving mother, describing her nightmare. Elsa added, “It was very shocking”.
“I have a very sick son and I had to ask if it is him, who had died when I got the news saying one of my sons is dead,” she lamented.
Wynne said her son did not deserve to die that way.
Winston Spence, the father of the deceased, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, did not fail to vent his feelings as he tried to make some sense of his son’s senseless killing.
“If I was in the area it was me they would have had to jail,” Spence said.
Spence said he is devastated.
A post-mortem carried out on Wynne’s body last Monday revealed the cause of death as esanguination due to the chop wound to the neck.
He was laid to rest yesterday after a funeral at the Kingstown Baptist Church.