Lowmans Hill man fined $50 for causing bodily harm to former lover
Jarret Daniel
From the Courts
May 10, 2024

Lowmans Hill man fined $50 for causing bodily harm to former lover

A Lowmans Hill man was ordered to compensate his former lover the sum of $50 and was placed on a bond for scraping her, following an argument about her spending money to cut her hair, instead of using it to feed their baby.

Jarret Daniel appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court before Senior Magistrate, Tammika Mckenzie on Monday, May 6, 2024, where he pleaded guilty that on April, 19, 2024 at Lowmans Hill he did assault Shaniele Samuel of Lowmans Hill causing her actual bodily harm.

Samuel and Daniel were in a common law relationship and together have two children. Daniel would normally visit Samuel’s home to take things for the children. At around 7:00 p.m on the date in question, Daniel visited Samuel’s home and an argument ensued between them.

He took her cellphone, then left. When he returned shortly afterwards, the argument continued. Daniel held on to Samuel, ripped her shirt, and scratched her chest with his nails. Samuel reported the matter to the police at the Questelles Police Station. Further investigations were carried out. Daniel was informed of the report made against him, was arrested, and cautioned. However, he did not give a statement. Daniel was later charged for the offence of assault, causing actual bodily harm.

Daniel told the court that Samuel was going to use some of her money to trim her hair, so he enquired why she was going to trim her hair when the baby needed to be fed. Daniel told Samuel that she “can’t put all the strain on the father”.

Daniel then demonstrated to the court what he did to Samuel on the date of the offence, by tightly holding on to his own shirt. Senior Magistrate Mckenzie concluded that when the facts said he “held on to Samuel,” it meant that he “scuffled” her.

Daniel said that it was her vest that he held on to, and as a result his nail ended up scraping her.

The Senior Magistrate gsaid that Samuel received a 1-2 cm laceration to her chest wall as a result of the scrape.

She then warned Daniel to “Talk with your mouth next time, don’t talk with your hand.”

Mckenzie told Daniel that he should compensate Samuel for the vest he had torn. Samuel informed the court that the vest cost EC$25. However, Daniel rebutted saying that he believes he is the one who bought her that vest, and it cost around EC$10.

He further questioned if he has to compensate her for something which he had bought. Mckenzie said that since he gifted the vest to her, Samuel is now the owner of it. The Senior Magistrate added that Daniel also needed to provide Samuel with bus fare to travel and purchase the vest.

He was ordered to pay compensation of $50 forthwith, with a one week imprisonment in default. Daniel also was bonded for one year in the sum of $1000, in default of which he will spend two months in prison.

Mckenzie commended Daniel for taking care of his children, to which Daniel responded that it is his responsibility.