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Penniston resident denies knowledge of shotgun bullets

Penniston resident denies knowledge of shotgun bullets

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A man who resides at Penniston has allegedly been nabbed with two illegal rounds of shotgun bullets.

Stilson Harold Jr was charged that on Wednesday, May 25, in Penniston, he had two rounds of 12 gauge ammunition without a licence.

When it came time for him to enter a plea to the charge at the Serious Offences Court (SOC) yesterday, May 26, the 34 year old labourer told Chief Magistrate, Rechanne Browne that, “Me nah know nothing about that annuh”.

He was asked to plea either ‘not guilty’ or ‘guilty’ as a response.

The unrepresented man then indicated that he was ‘not guilty’.

The prosecution, led by Sergeant, 172 Atnel Ash did not object to bail for the defendant provided that there was surety attached.

The magistrate set bail at $2000 with one surety and adjourned the matter to June 14.

The magistrate also noted, “…there’s a place I normally send individuals to. There’s a place I send them to when I want them to have a short time to reflect on life and how they have conducted themselves in the particular case before me and I think this one falls into that category.”

He contemplated sending Emmanuel to prison for a week to reflect on his conduct “…including your approach to your mother. I think you should go to that place for a week and when you come back out you will tell me how it was.”

The defendant asked him not to, mentioning the starting of a business.

“What I am going to do to you is a part of your rehabilitation. It’s a part of managing your life because life is too easy for you. Life is too easy for you,” Burnett repeated.

The defendant said he would make a promise to not go through anything like that again and keep the promise.

However, his sister commented: “For me he don’t change. Imma tell you that. He does not change..”

There was more pleading from the defendant. After all discussions were concluded, the magistrate relented, deciding “…he has no previous convictions, he’s begging for a chance. When I sit here I have a lot of things to balance and to consider, I’m going to give him the chance. So you escaped a week in prison I can tell you that and I will see what we are going to make of that…” He said he was going to put him on a bond and “…if he misbehaves in the house just go back to the police and he will be back before this same court.”

Therefore Emmanuel was bonded for one year in the sum of $5000. If he is taken to court within a year and is convicted he must pay this sum immediately or serve nine months in jail.

“Mr Emmanuel Myers consider yourself to be a very lucky man this morning,” the magistrate said.

“Consider yourself to be very lucky. I hardly change my mind on these things. You convince me to give you a chance, I give you a chance. So it’s all up to you.”