Woman decides not to proceed with aggravated burglary case
From the Courts
March 1, 2022

Woman decides not to proceed with aggravated burglary case

A charge of aggravated burglary ended as quickly as it was brought after the alleged victim told the court yesterday that she did not want to proceed.

Zeasion Simon, a 27-year-old chaffeur of Campden Park, was charged that on Sunday, February 27, in Cane Garden, he entered the apartment of a 37-year-old woman as a trespasser and had with him a weapon of offence which was a knife. This incident was alleged to have occurred in the early hours of the morning.

Yesterday, February 28, Simon was not yet required to plea to the charge that had been laid indictably against him as the matter would have gone on to a preliminary inquiry .

However, no sooner had the charge been read than the prosecution informed the court that the complainant should be called to the stand. The Cane Garden resident told the court that she did not want to proceed with the matter. She was asked, as is the practice when this happens, whether she had made the decision of her own free will and she said that she had.

As a result the charge was withdrawn, and Simon was discharged.