Siblings escape jail time after stealing from department store
From the Courts
March 1, 2022

Siblings escape jail time after stealing from department store

TWO SIBLINGS who were caught on camera stealing from Laynes Department store have been spared immediate prison time.

Twenty-two-year-old Enrique Codogan with 10 previous convictions to his name came close to the prison cell last Tuesday, February 22, but his sister, Kittana Codogan, 19 years, who recorded her first criminal conviction, was not a candidate for prison.

Despite her inexperience, from the camera footage played at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court (KMC), the younger sister played a leading role in the enterprise. Checking to see that there was no one in the vicinity, Kittana took off clothes from hangers and folded them, giving them to her brother.

The items stolen on November 23, 2021 included: two ladies tank tops, one toddler’s romper, two toddler’s dresses, underwear, perfume, and powder, together worth $231.15.

According to information that came out in court, the Redemption Sharpes duo are both parents of young children. Kittana has a two-yearold while her brother recently became a father of two babies. The sister informed the court that she started a small business after dropping out of form three in 2018.

Her brother did not attend secondary school and explained that he hadn’t been “thinking straight” when he did so. He also said that he just got a construction job.

“Are you aware that there are cameras all over Kingstown?” Senior Magistrate, Rickie Burnett asked Kittana, who said yes.

By extension that means that they knew there were cameras in the store, the magistrate said, and once again the female defendant replied in the affirmative.

“So my next question to you- how did you intend to pull off this one”?

The sister said that she was not thinking about that.

“I don’t know, I just don’t get it,” Burnett remarked, “You were doing something that was wrong, you were aware that there are cameras inside, you were also aware that the possibility of being caught was 10/10…” “ Although both of you planned this thing before, you were the leader. You were getting the items and he was following you…” “Unfortunately your brother, based on his convictions, these things are known to him because when I get to him, he has 10 previous convictions. And three… four…eight out of the ten – burglary and theft,” the judicial officer counted. The conviction record for Enrique apparently started when he was a juvenile.

“So he’s an experienced man in this thing. But I’m disappointed in you. I’m disappointed in you,” the magistrate told the female defendant.

Burnett also noted that the two planned the crime, but the sister denied that they did so.

When it came his turn to speak Enrique was confronted with the fact that he was recently convicted, in June last year.

The 22-year-old explained, “Them times I been now get two women pregnant and I ain been working..”

It was also noted that the theft from Laynes was committed during the time Enrique was on probation and had been assigned to a social worker.

In terms of making up for his act, the brother suggested he could have a week or two to pay for the items.

He was reminded that the items were recovered at the store, and would be going back to the store. The magistrate said that prison would be the starting point for him.

The record showed that the court had tried a variety of interventions before, previously putting Enrique on a bond, fining him, and sending him to prison. “I tried with you last year, I placed you in the care of social worker to try and help you. Then I ordered you to pay compensation. What else to do to you than give you a longer time in prison,” the judicial officer asked.

The 22-year-old said he was begging for one last chance and began to swear that he would stay out of trouble.

“Don’t swear to me I don’t want you swear to me,” Burnett told him.

Prosecutor, Corporal Corlene Samuel was brought into the discussion and she said that Enrique had been appearing at the Kingstown court before the magistrate (who sat in a different district before) began presiding there.

The defendant said he hadn’t had children at that time but the prosecution countered that he had children for the offence that was currently before the court.

Enrique commented that his children were not yet six months.

Samuel noted that the women were already pregnant and he knew he had responsibilities.

A representative from Laynes was also brought into the discussion.

“For the young lady… for the both of them actually that’s a bad example you’re leading for your children,” she stated.

“It’s not even only that… the items that were in the bag, there were other items that were from another store as well,” the employee informed the court, concluding that this had been their plan for that day and it’s only that they caught them.

The Layne’s representative was of the opinion that they should be taught a lesson. Since it was the young woman’s first conviction the employee did not suggest prison, but noted that she should be punished in some way.

She also noted, “people like this throw you off your work you know.”

Later, the topic resurfaced about the planning of the crime , the magistrate saying that one of the two must have struck up the conversation first. However, the sister still insisted that it was “nobody” and they had just said that they were going to take a walk. She admitted to going into one store and that they stolen one item from that store.

The two were sentenced after sitting in the prisoner’s bay for some time.

The magistrate told Enrique: “This is her first conviction but you are a seasoned man so I am treating her differently than you. This is her first conviction, not your first.

This is your 11th.”

It seemed that prison was the likely outcome on that day but then Enrique’s mother pleaded with the court.

“…Could there be any other alternative than he going to prison because I’m being honest with you I have the two babies,” she informed Burnett, and she cannot keep up with clinic days and manage by herself. The defendants’ mother apparently had to take the babies since they were days old. “…He’s the only body I really could depend on to come and give me a hand because where we live is a hill and I have a heart condition I does can’t push the stroller away,” the mother told the magistrate.

In the end, the court decided to suspend the prison sentence for Enrique. The sentence handed down was nine months in prison suspended for 12 months. Therefore it is only if he returns to court within 12 months that Enrique will serve the nine months of incarceration.

Kittana was placed on a bond in the sum of $1500 for one year. If she appears before the court again in one year she will have to pay the sum or spend four months in prison.