Rillan Hill resident fined $160 for possession of cannabis
From the Courts
February 18, 2022

Rillan Hill resident fined $160 for possession of cannabis

A man from Rillan Hill has been fined $160 for possession of 178g of cannabis. 

A Special Service Unit (SSU) patrol in Belmont on the night of February 13 resulted in Travis Caine being picked up for the controlled drug. 

According to the facts presented by the prosecution, at around 7:30p.m on the said date the mobile patrol spotted three men by a wall acting suspiciously. The officers exited the vehicle and identified themselves before requesting a search. In a black Jansport bag belonging to Caine, the police found a Ziploc bag containing the loose plant material. He is said to have informed the officers that he was going to boil it. They took the individual back to the Criminal Investigations Department and weighed the substance. They charged him with the offence of possession with intent to supply. 

Caine had no previous criminal record.  

The court was of the opinion that a fine was appropriate and applied the one third discount to the figure. The amount was set at $160. 

Chief Magistrate, Rechanne Browne seemed to stand down the matter so that Caine could determine whether he could gather the funds. He indicated that he could pay the money forthwith and did so. Therefore the default of two weeks imprisonment did not apply. 

The magistrate also made a destruction order for the cannabis.