Inmates give evidence in case against prison officer Kenson King
Kenson King
From the Courts
February 15, 2022
Inmates give evidence in case against prison officer Kenson King

The inmate who levelled accusations of wounding against prison officer and opposition activist, Kenson King has given the court his version of the events of that morning. 

Three inmates who occupied the same cell as 24-year-old Dorian Mapp also took the witness stand on Friday, February 4. 

Last Friday, February 11, the trial was supposed to continue at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court (KMC), but both the prosecution and defence sought an adjournment and the case is set to continue on September 14. 

According to the evidence given in court, the unlawful and malicious wounding allegedly inflicted by King occurred in the early morning of June 27, 2020, at Her Majesty’s Prison. Mapp spoke of having issues sleeping due to the behaviour of another inmate, Dennis James. He explained that James is a person who he believes has a mental health condition and this was causing him to make noise. Tensions eventually led to a situation wherein objects were being thrown. Prison Officers went on the scene. King was attempting to ask Mapp to come out of the cell. Mapp said he repeatedly told King that he hadn’t done anything to go to the ‘Dormitory’. This is said to be a place where prisoners are taken if caught with items they shouldn’t have. 

Mapp said he was hit in the face by King multiple times and then he himself hit King. Mapp then told Senior Magistrate, Rickie Burnett that he was beaten by King. The complainant also detailed certain threatening words and abuse that followed while he was being taken to a different location. Later that morning Mapp was taken to hospital where a doctor treated his wounds, including one that required five sutures.   

When Mapp informed a family member of the alleged incident, this person made a report of wounding to the police. 

Counsel for King, Jomo Thomas cross examined Mapp on a number of issues.  

James was next to give his account. At the point that the officer and Mapp were in the cell together, James said he was only looking some of the time as he was on his bed relaxing. 

Isiah King claimed that he saw Mapp getting beaten up by the defendant while Simeon Francois said that Mapp slapped the prison officer first. 

However, James and Francois were directed to certain parts of their written statements to the police that the prosecution felt contradicted their oral evidence. 

There was also a statement that Francois is said to have given to the Chief of Prison tendered by the defence.