Bail denied to Victoria Village/Stubbs man with long rap sheet
From the Courts
December 31, 2021
Bail denied to Victoria Village/Stubbs man with long rap sheet

With two new charges of deception being added to the host of other similar charges he has before the court, bail has been denied to a Victoria Village/Stubbs man.

The Kingstown Magistrate’s Court(KMC) will be preparing to try Noel ‘Woods’ Bynoe McDonald early in the New Year, fitting him into the already packed timetable of cases.

McDonald, 44 years, has most recently been charged that, on October 15, in Diamond, he dishonestly obtained the sum of EC$400 from 47-year-old civil servant, Leisa Cudjoe of Green Hill, with the intention of permanently depriving her of it.

He allegedly did the same on December 9, in Arnos Vale, with EC$100 cash belonging to 54-year-old Edward Crooke of Campden Park who is self-employed.

When he was taken before the court on December 20, Prosecutor, Corporal Corlene Samuel objected to McDonald’s bail. She said that while every matter should be treated according to its own merit, the defendant’s reputation preceded him and he is known to the court.

She said that the matters before the court number around 15, all of a similar nature.

If granted bail they believed that they were going to have problems getting Mc Donald to court. Matters had been fixed for trial in the past and he was not present. The sureties who signed his bail were summoned and he was telling them that he was on his way.

The defendant responded to this submission by claiming that he always comes to court. However, he was told this was not true.

He then countered that the court had been closed for a period of time and that he always turned up, it was only that the date when he went the court was not in session.

However senior magistrate, Rickie Burnett told him that if he wanted bail he would have to apply to the Judge in chambers at the High Court. He did not allow bail for the two recent matters and revoked bail for the others. The magistrate told the prosecution that they would have to be prepared to try matters early in the New Year.

Consequently, the defendant will return to court on January 3, 2022, for the processing of some of his previous matters.

The two recent charges were adjourned to February 14, 2022.

When preparing to be taken away via the prison transport, McDonald seemingly chose to avoid the camera.