Teen mom on home-made firearm charge
From the Courts
August 20, 2021
Teen mom on home-made firearm charge

A 16-year-old mother of two has been charged for possession of a home-made firearm.

The young domestic, who hails from a Leeward town, was taken before the Serious Offences Court(SOC) on Tuesday, August 17.

Counsel Grant Connell provided legal assistance to her, and the teen entered a ‘Not Guilty’ plea to the charge that she had one home-made firearm in her possession without being the holder of a license issued under the Firearm’s Act. The offence is alleged to have been committed on April 2, at the town where she resides.

Prosecutor Sergeant Renrick Cato, informed Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne, that he had spoken with the investigating officer. The police had apparently, since the day before, been contacting persons with regard to signing station bail for the teen; but no one was stepping forward. Furthermore, her two children were in the care of someone who had agreed to look after them for one day. 

The prosecutor explained that they would have no objection to the defendant being allowed bail, and also that they would have no objection to her being given bail in her own recognisance; meaning that she would not need to find someone to sign the bail for her but can herself assure that she will be in court as she is required.

The defence counsel said it was refreshing to hear the prosecution make this submission.

The magistrate allowed bail of $800 in the defendant’s own recognisance. Conditions to her release are that the defendant must report to the police station in her district every Friday, and that she must observe a 7pm-6am curfew.

The teen will return to court on Monday, August 23, and the officers were asked by the magistrate to give her a ride if possible, because the status of her finances are unknown.

She told the teen that they were making certain calls to look at other aspects of her welfare, and that she would visit other offices to get the assistance she needs. The magistrate said hopefully connecting her with these entities she would get help to guide her going forward.

Browne also asked the transport to take her back home.