Stephen Williams
From the Courts
July 2, 2021
Trinidadian charged for illegal entry and cocaine possession

A Trinidad national who was in this country illegally was uncovered by the police in an apartment at Arnos Vale this week, but he has claimed innocence on a charge of possession of cocaine.  

Thirty-year-old salesman, Stephen Williams, of Tunapuna/Arima was taken to the Serious Offences Court(SOC) on Wednesday, June 30, where he was read the charge that he, on June 29, in Arnos Vale, had in his possession 279g of cocaine with intent to supply to another.  Williams, who was not legally represented, pleaded not guilty to the charge, and he was remanded into custody until July 13.  

 Soon after this, immigration officials arrived at court, and charges were also read to the defendant that he, on June 29, at Arnos Vale, being a prohibited immigrant, did enter the state by boat without a passport; that he did enter other than a port of entry; disembarked without the consent of an Immigration Officer, and knowingly and wilfully allowed himself to be landed as a prohibited immigrant.  

 To these four charges, Williams admitted he was in breach. 

 Therefore, the court was informed that at around noon on the said date, Sergeant John, stationed at Diamond, and attached to the Rapid Response Unit(RRU), acting on information received, and accompanied by other officers, went to a particular apartment in Arnos Vale. He met Williams, and identified himself and the other officers to him. They questioned Williams about his name and nationality, which he gave. The young man told Sergeant John that he came by boat, and he has no travel documents. The defendant was taken into custody and handed over to the immigration authorities. All ports of entry were checked, and the defendant’s name did not appear. Williams was then arrested for the offences.  

The young Trinidadian had declared to the court earlier, that the reason why he was in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) was that he has “a woman pregnant here.”  

 Sentencing has been adjourned to make some checks into certain matters. Williams will therefore have to wait until Thursday, July 8 to know what penalties will be handed down.