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Minibus driver in ‘police chase’ video fined in court

Minibus driver in ‘police chase’ video fined in court

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THERE IS A video recording that began making the rounds last week where a police car is seen chasing a minibus. The recording was made by a passenger in the van being chased.

The minibus driver, Orvin Trimmingham of Greiggs, was taken before the Kingstown Magistrate Court on June 15 to answer to charges relating to that incident, where he pleaded guilty and was fined $1250, with $500 to be paid forthwith, and the remainder to be paid by July 31, 2021, in default of which, he will serve six months in prison.

Superintendent of Police Kenneth John, told SEARCHLIGHT that at about 6 p.m. on Monday June 14, 2021, traffic officers were conducting motor vehicular checks on the public roads.

“In light of this, motor vehicle H9855 driven by Orvin Trimmingham of Greiggs, was stopped, and it was discovered that the omnibus had more passengers on board than it was registered to carry.

“As a result, Mr. Trimmingham was issued with a ticket. In the process of issuing the ticket, the driver made use of indecent language. He was informed of the offence and asked to alight the vehicle. However, he refused and drove off.

“As a result, traffic officers pursued and succeeded in bringing the vehicle to a halt, “ John, who heads the Traffic Department explained.

A release issued by the police earlier, had indicated that Trimmingham was arrested and charged with the offences of carrying in a public services vehicle, more passengers than allowed; making use of indecent language; failing to remain stationary; and assaulting a police officer by head butting him.

Superintendent John told SEARCHLIGHT that Trimmingham, the driver of the minibus, is an ex-police officer who worked at the traffic department, and they are currently looking for him to issue a summons for dangerous driving and a letter of suspension, “but he is not making himself visible.”