Homemade firearm owner to be sentenced on Thursday
From the Courts
June 15, 2021
Homemade firearm owner to be sentenced on Thursday

A RESIDENT OF Diamond is expected to be sentenced this Thursday for possession of a home-made firearm and one bullet.

Roshurn Richards pleaded guilty at the Serious Offences Court (SOC) on Friday, June 11, to possession of the homemade firearm, serial number unknown, and one round of 12-gauge ammunition without a license under the Firearms Act.

It is said that during the night on this date, the police, acting on information, went to the Stubbs polyclinic, and met an individual who made a report that he was shot by masked gunmen.

The police then headed to a shop in lower Stubbs, where they saw the defendant by a wall. They became suspicious of him and his behaviour. They noticed that he had moved his hand from behind a wall that he was standing close to. Over the wall, the police found a shirt wrapped around something, which was revealed to be a firearm, and one round of ammunition.

The defendant apparently told the police that the only thing he had was “weed”.

Checks were made, and Richards was found not to be the holder of a license. Additionally, the firearm was found to be capable of firing.

Richards was scheduled to receive his sentence yesterday, June 14, but due to certain statements made by the defendant, and the facts of the matter, the prosecution asked for some time for the investigator to go to court and say what happened during the arrest.

The date for sentencing was given as Thursday, June 17.