From the Courts
February 26, 2021
Man being tried for allegedly assaulting former 16-year-old lover

A 29-year-old man is being tried for allegedly assaulting his former 16-year-old lover.

The 16-year-old gave evidence at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court against defendant Selwyn Harry for an incident of alleged assault bodily harm that took place on January 2, 2021.

The two previously had a relationship, but it is said that the 16-year-old ended it after telling Harry that she has her boyfriend.

The teenager said that during the relationship, the defendant gave her a boom box, tablet and phone before sexual intercourse.

When their fling ended, Harry apparently asked for these items back.

On January 2, the teen went to Rose Place with a friend of hers. When she got there, she gave evidence that she saw the defendant by a pipe. She walked past him, he came from behind, and allegedly hit her on the left side of her face with his hand. The girl turned around and scuffled him, asking what kind of “scene” he was on.

The 16-year-old’s friend came and parted them. While the friend was doing this, the defendant supposedly kicked the friend on her foot. The teen went to a neighbour and said she was going to a police station. The defendant, according to her, went for a stick but didn’t hit her with the stick. While she was on her way to the station, Harry apparently fired a stone which hit her leg.

The trial is slated to continue today, Friday, February 26.

[Changed at 10:46am on February 26 to reflect the correct age of the defendant]