From the Courts
September 15, 2020
Handyman ordered to repay vendor $200

A 52-YEAR-OLD man charged for stealing $200 that he was given to complete an errand, told the court yesterday, September 14, that he gave the money to a man who was hassling him for money owed to him.

Asbert Watson of Kingstown was sentenced at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, for stealing $200 from Violet Joslyn of Redemption Sharpes.

Joslyn is a vendor that plies her trade on the Bedford street area of Kingstown, near to the Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines. She knows the defendant well, as his sister is a neighbour to her vending stall, and Watson is a handy man around the town.

On August 19, Joslyn gave the defendant $200 to buy two sacks of manure from the Agricultural Input Warehouse. However, Watson did not return with either the money or manure.

Some days later, the matter was reported to the police, who investigated. Last week, Watson was taken into custody by the Rapid Response Unit (RRU).

When interviewed by the police, he offered no statement.

His criminal record was offered to Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett yesterday, who commented, “When I look at this conviction sheet, although 98 per cent of the convictions may be spent. It is also telling a story,” that the defendant has maintained bad conduct across his life.

When the defendant was asked where the $200 is, he said that the incident had happened “accidentally”.

He said he met a person to whom he owed money, and they seemed like they wanted to give him “botheration” and so he gave the money to them. Following this, he was afraid to return and tell the vendor.

When asked how much he owed the person, he said $200, and that he had been owing them for at least a month.

The defendant submitted that he would be able to repay Joslyn, saying that he receives a monthly assistance from the Welfare Department.

Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delplesche did not seem to believe the explanation.

The prosecutor noted that he did not give the police a statement, and he did not tell them the story he told the court.

Further, he said that the defendant is a veteran of these type of things, and that his record shows this.

However, his recommendation was for compensation.

“I trying to shape up myself. I trying to be a different person,” Watson said. He informed that he is also working part time at a restaurant. It was revealed that he also pushes carts, and washes vehicles.

The defendant admitted that it was his fault and pleaded with the magistrate.

Burnett indicated that he would order compensation in the sum of $200, because what the complainant wants from the court is to get back her money. He must pay this compensation by October 12, or he will go to prison for three months.

Additionally, the Kingstown resident was bonded for one year in the sum of $1000. If the terms of the bond are breached, he must pay this sum forthwith, or go to prison for six months.