Expectant  father  promises not to steal again
From the Courts
August 7, 2020

Expectant father promises not to steal again

A 20-year-old guilty of stealing four bunches of plantain has promised not to steal again following the upcoming birth of his child.

Nevertheless, the young defendant who appeared at the Serious Offences Court (SOC) on Wednesday, August 5, already had a significant criminal record to his name.

Breneul Baptiste of South Rivers admitted that he was guilty of the charge that between July 31, and August 2, at South Rivers, he stole four bunches of plantain, the property of Alanzo Simmons of South Rivers.

Simmons is a 43-year-old farmer who owns four acres of land not far from where the defendant is living, the court heard. He knows Baptiste quite well.

On July 31 at around 6:30 am Simmons went to his land, and stayed there until the evening. He returned to his land on the morning of August 2, at around 8 am, and went to check on his produce. He observed four bunches of plantain had been cut. Following this realization, Simmons went to Baptiste and asked him if he had cut them, but the young man denied it. However, after receiving information that Baptiste had cut and sold them, Simmons reported the matter to the police.

Investigations were carried out, and the 20-year-old took the police to the person who he sold the plantain to.

However, the defendant only admitted to cutting two bunches of plantain.

Baptiste’s antecedent record was produced to the court and he had three similar offences listed there.

He told Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne that because of the upcoming birth of his daughter he was seeking employment.

“You ain been looking for work at all, at all, at all,” Browne told him while perusing his record. She noted that he had just been taking and walking away. The magistrate stated that it was ridiculous. “You’re very young to be racking up this kinda record here,” Browne commented.

Baptiste admitted that he had done something wrong by cutting the plantain. He said that he had noticed them after going on the land to search for dry coconut, which the owner allows him to do.

He insisted that he did not take four bunches.

The defendant also swore “me nah ah do it again”, touching his mouth then quickly gesturing to the heavens, telling the magistrate that his girlfriend was pregnant.

Browne ordered compensation of $125 to be paid forthwith, with a default of two weeks imprisonment.

She also took the decision to put him on a bond, because “You’re not behaving and you have a propensity to do this sort of thing.” Consequently, Baptiste was bonded for six months in the sum of $1500, which must be paid forthwith if breached, or he will risk a prison term of six months.