From the Courts
July 31, 2020
Court hands down suspended sentence to South Rivers man over stabbing incident

A SOUTH RIVERS resident who stabbed a 58-yearold man repeatedly with a small knife therefore causing his victim’s lung to collapse, has avoided immediate prison time for his crime.

It was December 27, 2016 when 36-year-old Collie “Borewood” Johnson went to a bar in Park Hill with a friend. The mood was said by one witness to have been a jovial one, and one in which the patrons of the bar were joking with each other.

Although he denies it, it is suggested that Anselm Dabreo, the complainant in this matter, said something provoking to Johnson. Following this, Johnson’s friend decided that it was time to leave.

Both got into the vehicle that they came in, then Johnson ran out of the vehicle and stabbed Dabreo in quick succession with a knife that seemed to be a penknife.

The injured Dabreo drove himself to the Colonarie police station where he made a report, before losing consciousness. His left lung had collapsed from his wounds, and Dabreo had to spend several days at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).

Johnson went through a full trial at the High Court recently, on a charge of wounding with intent.

However, at the end of the trial the jury believed the prosecution’s case, which was led by crown counsel Renée Simmons.

Johnson’s sentencing took place on Wednesday, July 29, where Justice Brian Cottle ultimately decided upon a threeyear incarceration period, which will be suspended for three years. This means that this prison sentence will exist in the background for the next three years of Johnson’s life. It will activate only if Johnson commits another crime during this time, and the offence he commits is liable to six months or more in jail.

It is said that within his victim impact statement, available to the court for sentencing, that Dabreo disclosed that he had received compensation from Johnson.