Man bonded for a year in the sum of $1500
From the Courts
March 27, 2020

Man bonded for a year in the sum of $1500

AFTER SPENDING two weeks in prison, Kentish Jack, the 27-year-old man who burnt his 14-yearold brother’s clothes and trophies has been bonded for one year and ordered to pay compensation to his brother.

Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett delivered this sentence last Tuesday, March 17, at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court.

He determined that Jack, in addition to compensating his brother, would be bonded for one year, in the sum of $1500, so that if he breaches this bond he will spend three months in prison.

Previously, on March 3, the magistrate chose to send the older sibling to prison for two weeks to reflect on his actions after he pleaded guilty to the offence of damaging by fire, a quantity of clothing, trophies and three medals belonging to the teen.

The incident is said to have started at around 11:55 pm on February 28, at the home that the brothers share. Jack is the eldest in the house, as their mother is overseas.

The brothers got into an argument at the home, surrounding the use of a television that their mother bought.

The 14-year-old left the house, and the older brother went after him. They ended up fighting. In response, Jack went back into the house, taking up clothes and items belonging to his brother before taking them outside and burning them.