Dowers’ bench warrant recalled
From the Courts
February 18, 2020

Dowers’ bench warrant recalled

A bench warrant issued for the arrest of Nigerian/Vincentian defendant Eunice Dowers yesterday, February 17, was recalled after she eventually appeared in court, saying that she woke up late.

Dowers, a former secretary/customs brokers employed Star Garage, who was slapped with over 55 charges in relation to the alleged illegal use of a credit card and cheques in the name of her managing director Bertille ‘Silky’ DaSilva, did not appear when her name was called at the Serious Offences Court(SOC) yesterday morning.

Her trial was set to continue today so that the prosecution, led by crown counsel Rose-Ann Richardson, could continue to try and prove that the then 24 year old Dowers’ committed theft, credit fraud, and criminal conversion offences against her now 89 year old employer between August 1, 2018, and January 31, 2019.

However, with Dowers absent and no reason forthcoming, a bench warrant was issued by Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne.

Her lawyer, Grant Connell requested an adjournment, and the court issued April 7, as the new date for the continuation of the trial.

However, Dowers, who is on bail from the High Court, did make her way to court, and the bench warrant was recalled against her after a warning from the chief magistrate.
The remainder of the prosecution’s evidence, and defendant’s case, is still set to be heard in April. So far, the court has listened to evidence from an employee of the CIBC First Caribbean International Bank(FCIB), which issued the credit card, the virtual complainant businessman Bertille ‘Silky’, Da Silva; general manager, Joshua DaSilva; and service manager, Jason DaSilva.

It is alleged that Dowers used her position as customs broker to abuse cheques issued by the managing director in order to clear her own goods at customs. The Da Silvas gave evidence that they found out about unusual activity on the credit card (which is in the name of Bertille, but belongs to Star Garage), when the card was declined when Joshua DaSilva and employee, Marlon Stephenson, attempted to purchase office supplies from Amazon.

The bank told them that the card, with a limit of $160,000, had been maxed out. Bank statements were obtained which showed multiple transactions not related to Star Garage, according to Joshua DaSilva, who said that it was on average 15 transactions a day.

Dowers’ lawyer, Connell, posed multiple questions to the 89 year old businessman alleging that he and Dowers were in an intimate relationship, one in which he would buy things for her.

‘Silky’ has denied being involved sexually with Dowers, having showers with, and being massaged by his 24 year old former employee. However, he admitted taking her to his house on a number of occasions, buying her a refrigerator and allowing her to use his kitchen to prepare food. He also admitted that he spoke to a friend who was going overseas to allow Dowers to pay rent and reside in her vacated house.