Brian King
From the Courts
June 21, 2019
Mental health evaluation ordered for man who boxed, cursed his mother

A 51-year-old, who boxed his 79-year-old mother and cursed her, wishing her a life like a dog on the streets, has been sent to the Mental Health Centre (MHC) for evaluation.

This move by Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne at the Serious Offences Court came after grandson of the elderly woman, pannist Rodney Small, intervened.

When Small took the stand, King had already pleaded guilty to the offence of assault bodily harm against Annie King of Prospect. All that was left was for him to be sentenced.

Small said that as a family, they believed his uncle may have reacted the way he did because of something “mental,” and asked that consideration be given to placing his uncle in a rehabilitation program.

Before the grandson took the stand, things were not looking good for the defendant, as Senior Prosecutor Adolphus Delplesche was calling for him to be jailed.

“He must go to jail” said the prosecutor, who said that there would be “no long talk.” He recommended two years incarceration.

Delplesche told the defendant that he (Delplesche) wished he had his own mother still with him, and “you ah box yours down”.

He called Brian a “wicked and ungodly beast.”

The facts in the case paint a picture of expletive laden language directed at the elderly woman, which were then followed by the violent acts.

The 51-year-old lives with his retired mother who used to be a businesswoman in Prospect, and they were both at the home on May 26, when the argument began.

Brian apparently said to his mother that she was the reason that his sister wasn’t speaking to him anymore or sending money for him.

According to the facts, Brian cuffed his mother in her left eye and told her he wished she would be blinded so that she would have to eat off the streets like a dog. He also cuffed her in the mouth.

The mother reported the matter to the police.

In a statement to police, Brian admitting to hitting the complainant in her mouth.

“The circumstances are terribly worrying and extremely unfortunate,” Magistrate Browne stated, adding that Brian’s mother sustained injuries across the whole side of her face, jaw, the lips, the inner mouth, and the outer mouth.

The pictures of the injury, the magistrate described as “extremely horrific.”

The mother herself, who was present in court, was frail, and had to be assisted.

“How could you? How could you?! Use these words even…,” the chief magistrate commented.

Brian said that he assaulted his mother, but he did not box her down.

The prosecutor interjected that he remembered that the reason for the defendant’s aggravation was said to be because he had to clean up his mother after she urinated.

“He is annoyed because of that…the woman carry him nine months growing in her,” the prosecutor stated.

“You know how long you urinate?,” Browne asked the defendant.

“And defecate,” Delplesche added.

Browne noted that in those days they did not have disposable diapers, and his mother would have needed to wash his diapers by hand, “and hang out, and use the appropriate soap so your skin wouldn’t rash up.”

“When you are a baby they so proud of you…this is me son and they lift you up and … put you on all kinda blanket and swaddle you and carry you and feed you…give you vitamins, send you school, and now? Oh no, this is terrible. Terrible…Mr King this is terrible,” Browne stated.

However after standing down the matter, the chief magistrate agreed that the defendant should be evaluated by a doctor.