‘Pipes’ gets nine month suspended sentenced
Glenroy ‘Pipes’ Caesar
From the Courts
August 14, 2018
‘Pipes’ gets nine month suspended sentenced

In order to keep a 54-year-old defendant away from the property of a 94-year-old woman, the court has built a barrier of a ninth month prison sentence.

A suspended prison sentence of nine months, which is to hang over the head of Glenroy ‘Pipes’ Caesar for nine months, was ordered at the Serious Offences Court last week.

The defendant, who reportedly has no fixed place of abode, pleaded guilty to a trespassing on the property of Keturia ‘Tantie’ Williams, of Kingstown Park, with the intention of intimidating her.

This charge, read last week, is the third of a list of charges that Caesar has involving the elderly woman. Further, he is mid-trial on charges of damage to property and trespass.

During trial, the Kingstown Park resident explained that she had taken care of Caesar a long time ago, nursing him back to health with Epsom salts when he looked like he was dying, and telling him not to drink rum.

However, Caesar is alleged to have shown bad temperament this year, cursing and storming on Williams’ property. Now, Williams said she wants him to keep away.

Caesar was granted bail in his own recognizance on July 30, and it was later that day that he returned to Williams’ property.

The police said that at 10:30 pm, Williams was at her home when she heard her dogs barking. After being alerted by this noise, she checked the stream from her CCTV, and saw the defendant walking around the yard.

The police were called, and they met the defendant in the yard. He was arrested, while explaining, “I was looking for my shoe.” Caesar explained, “I was supposed to come to court, and I didn’t want to come to court barefoot.”

He clarified that he went back for, “yeah, my shoes, yeah.” He insisted that, “I mean it. I will not go back there.” He asked Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias , “She’s (Williams) here now?” “I do not know,” Browne-Matthias responded shortly. “I want to make sure you keep out there.

Apart from your criminal record, I’m a little concerned about a substance…with that things can go crazy.

” With that she sentenced him to a suspended jail sentence, which had to be explained to him. However, Caesar is currently remanded in custody as his bail was revoked.