From the Courts
December 29, 2017
Magistrate gives man one year in jail to temper his temper

Shocked at the tendency towards violence demonstrated on two separate occasions and for seemingly little reason, the magistrate sentenced one man to a year in prison to temper his temper this Wednesday.

Danroy Dalloway was charged that on December 24 he threatened and unlawfully and maliciously inflicted bodily harm to Jerozan Thomas of Chauncey. He was also charged that on September 22, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Winston Phillips in Chauncey. Dalloway pleaded guilty to all three offences in court on Wednesday.

On the night of Christmas Eve the court heard that what started out as a night of singing for the complainant ended in a number of wounds about his body.

The complainant Thomas said he had been walking back from karaoke at Roscoe’s shop in Chauncey, when he saw Dalloway coming towards him. When walking towards him, the street lights illuminated the defendant, revealing him to have in his hands a piece of steel and a pair of scissors. Thomas was about two feet away from Dalloway when he allegedly said to him, “I going kill you tonight.”

Thomas, who became scared, attempted not to show his fear and remained silent while trying to pass the defendant. Dalloway then took the steel and began striking the complainant about his body, who tried to deflect the blows from his face by raising his left arm. Dalloway is then said to have used the scissors to stab Thomas.

The second victim of Dalloway’s erratic behaviour was a 51-year-old carpenter of Chauncey who also knows the defendant very well. The carpenter, Phillips, went to one Vanessa’s home to do some work, where he met the defendant drinking alcohol. When Phillips was having his lunch given to him by Vanessa, Dalloway came over to where he was sitting and asked him for a piece of breadfruit. This request was refused by the complainant. Dalloway pulled the steel chair which Phillips was sitting on from under him and began beating him with it. Throughout the reading of these facts, the defendant maintained an unchanging demeanour, with one finger in his pocket and the other hand around his back.

The prosecutor asked magistrate Bertie Pompey to give Dalloway jailtime, because the “court could clearly see the defendant is a violent person,” asking that he be given a shock where he “would sit down and reflect on his violent behaviour.”

Dalloway had nothing to say when the magistrate asked him.

Pompey read the medical reports in court before sentencing and noted the seriousness, including deformities and lacerations listed. “You’re a violent person,” he said to the defendant.

Also taking his clean record into account, the magistrate sentenced Dalloway to 12 months in prison for the infliction of bodily harm on Jerozan Thomas and eight months for the wounding of Winston Phillips.(KR)