From the Courts
November 24, 2017
‘Me dor shame,’ man tells magistrate

A burglar who went to school with magistrate Rickie Burnett says he is not ashamed to appear before his former classmate.

“You need to feel ashamed when you come before me,” Burnett told Raymond Rodney of Biabou, who was charged with entering the dwelling house of James Jacobs, also of Biabou, on November 4 and stealing $100.

“Me dor shame,” Rodney replied, at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on Monday, where he appeared to answer the charge of burglary.

When Jacobs took the stand, he informed the court that he no longer wished to take action, as he had recovered the money from Rodney.

The matter was dismissed.

Burnett, who seemed somewhat disheartened by Rodney’s dishevelled appearance, recalled that Rodney had appeared before him as a defendant on two previous occasions.

He also informed the court that he knew Rodney, as both of them were in the same class at the Marriaqua and Cane End Government Schools and even had the same teacher.

“Make this the last time you’re coming before me,” the magistrate warned Rodney.(GHJ)