From the Courts
November 21, 2017
The court must up its game as Christmas approaches – Magistrate

Criminals tend to up their game at Christmas, so the court has to do likewise.

So said magistrate Rickie Burnett yesterday at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, before sentencing 30-year-old Noel Lewis to four years in prison for theft.

Lewis, a labourer of Biabou, was convicted of entering the dwelling house of 76-year-old retiree Winston Bramble on November 13 and stealing items valued at £1,550.

Those items were a cologne set, a silver Seiko watch and a gold bracelet, among other items.

The house was secured with an alarm system and surveillance cameras. Bramble left his home and returned sometime after 3 p.m. when he observed a curtain from his window had been thrown on a bed.

He then realized his possessions were gone, so he reviewed the security camera footage and recognized the defendant. A report was made to the Biabou Police Station and the footage was shown; the police also recognized the defendant. Lewis was arrested and charged with theft.

Some items were recovered from him, while he provided police with the names of two persons he sold other items to. These persons were located and the items were handed over in good condition.

Mention of the two persons who had purchased the stolen items opened questions, as the magistrate stated they had committed an offence. Prosecutor Delroy Tittle noted that these individuals should also appear before the court.

Lewis told the court he had in alcohol and had no reason to enter Bramble’s house.

Magistrate Burnett told Lewis when persons have in alcohol they tend to go home. He also told Lewis next month is December and Christmas is a time when criminals tend to up their game, so the court has to up its game too.

Lewis was sentenced to four years in prison.(CJ)