From the Courts
November 17, 2017
Indian Bay resident to pay compensation for damage

Joseph Dasilva of Indian Bay now has until December 21, 2017 to pay Anthony Browne $1,700 for a damaged windshield, or he will spend 12 months in prison.

Da Silva, who turned 51 in September, told a sitting of the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court on November 13 that he had just got out of prison where he had served six months. He also said he had lost his mother recently, so he was going through a hard time.

He claimed Browne took a bed left to him by his mother and said he bought it from him with cigarettes and rum. He also told the court that Browne had sold two buckets of mangoes for him and took all the money, which was unfair to him.

The facts of the case read that Browne owes some money to DaSilva’s brother for rent. DaSilva got upset about this and would normally get intoxicated and harass Browne.

On Monday, September 11, about 10:05 a.m. Browne secured his home and left for the Indian Bay beach. Some time after 11 a.m. he received information and went home to discover a broken windshield. The matter was reported to the Calliaqua Police Station.

DaSilva admitted to the charge of damage to property, claiming he was intoxicated. He asked to be given some time to pay, because Browne has children and would want the money instead of him going to jail.

The court was also told that DaSilva has many previous convictions because he gets intoxicated and causes trouble. Every time he does something, he would tell the court he doesn’t want to go to jail.

Magistrate Burnett gave Dasilva one month to come up with the $1,700 or he will spend 12 months in prison; also hanging over his head is a six-month suspended prison sentence.(CJ)