From the Courts
September 15, 2017
Journalist threatened yet again outside of court

An incident outside the Serious Offences Court, in which a journalist was threatened for taking a photo of a quantity of marijuana, has been reported to the police.

On Wednesday, September 6, journalist Lyf Compton was photographing 272 pounds of marijuana that was seized by police on Thursday, August 31, off Johnson Point (near Fort Charlotte), when a civilian objected to the illegal substance being photographed.

“If is any other country, aryo can’t do that, else is trouble,” commented the irate man in earshot of police officers, who asked him to vacate the area after the comments.

Walking behind the journalist, the man, still upset, told Compton, “You wait till I meet you by yourself, you go see wah go happen; I go lick you down.”

The matter was reported to the Central Police Station.

Threats are frequently issued to journalists outside the court, but no one has ever been charged for the offence.

In March this year, Glen resident, Dennis Richardson, who became upset when he was photographed by then SEARCHLIGHT journalist Ari Shaw, commented, “Anyhow I get bail today, I giving you one personal.” This matter was reported to the police, but Richardson was never charged.

Also, in June 2016, Keith Williams, annoyed that he was photographed by Compton, told the journalist, “I will slap you; what you taking my photo for, boy? When I come out ah prison, I will lick off you head. Anywhere I meet you, I will lick off you head,” Williams said, while sitting on the tray of a police pick-up. The threats were issued in earshot of several members of the Rapid Response Unit (RRU). The matter was reported, but Williams was never detained or charged for the threats.

Williams has since then been charged with robbery, using a firearm.