From the Courts
September 12, 2017
South Rivers man gets maximum sentence for trespassing

The farmers of South Rivers will now be able to have some peace and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

This is the view of prosecutor at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court Delroy Tittle, which he expressed recently, when Jamal Miller was sentenced to two years in prison.

On Thursday, August 31, Miller, 27, pleaded guilty to trespassing on the premises of Neil McMillan, with intent to commit an offence. McMillan, in his report to the Colonarie Police Station, expressed his disgust, as it wasn’t the first time he had run into problems with Miller.

Magistrate Burnett told Miller he really does not know what’s going on with him, seeing he just returned from prison.

In response, Miller asked the magistrate for leniency, promising to do better in the future.

“If yo gimme ah chance me go baptise and change me life around,” Miller pleaded. He also noted that when he’s in prison, he farms, but his family members refuse to visit him.

“Me mommy nah come, no sister, no brother, nobody nah come see me.”

Prosecutor Tittle told the court that when Miller is in prison, the hard-working farmers of South Rivers get a chance to reap their labour, but when he’s around, farmers have to compete with him.

“All he does is steal people’s crops. I ask that you impose a long sentence,” Tittle concluded.

In passing his judgement, magistrate Rickie Burnett said, “Mr Jamal, this is your fifth conviction; in 2012, I bonded you; in 2013 you got six months; 2013 again in July 12 months; 2015, 12 months and January, 6 months. The maximum sentence for this offence is two years. Mr Miller you’re sentenced to two years in prison.”