From the Courts
March 28, 2017
Court shows leniency toward 20-year-old

A 20-year-old who works at a business place in Kingstown is counting his blessings after a drug charge against him was withdrawn yesterday.

Members of the Rapid Response Unit (RRU), headed by Station Sergeant Bailey, apprehended the young man on March 24 at Glen, when they found him with about 500 grams of cannabis in his possession.

However, when he appeared before the Serious Offences Court yesterday, he told the court that he was given the drugs to carry somewhere by a friend.

“Why would you put yourself in that situation?” questioned Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias.

She told the court that the man’s demeanour shows someone who is easily manipulated and she is minded to invoke Section 37, which would act as if he never appeared before the court.

However, senior prosecutor Adolphus Delpesche questioned if there was an age limit to that section.

He, instead, in an act of leniency, dismissed the charge against the man.

“Step down and have a blessed day; skip on to work,” said the Chief Magistrate.

When he went back to the prisoner’s seating area for his belongings, accused persons attempted to communicate with him. However, Browne-Matthias interrupted their attempts, encouraging the man to not make any friends in that area.

Commenting on the matter, Delpesche said he hopes the man does not return to court.(AS)