From the Courts
October 28, 2016
St Lucian man remanded on two charges of illegal entry

A St Lucian man will spend the remainder of the year in a Vincentian prison after he allegedly entered the state illegally.{{more}}

When Edmed Meund appeared before the Kingstown’s Magistrate Court on Monday, he pleaded not guilty to the two charges of illegal entry that were put to him.

Meund was charged that he entered the state by boat without a passport on October 8, 2016. He was further charged that on that same date he, being a prohibited immigrant, disembarked at Baleine without the consent of an immigration officer.

In light of these charges, prosecutor Elgin Richards asked that the St Lucian man be remanded into custody. Richards explained that there was a high possibility that Meund would exit the state by the same means by which he came.

The St Lucian man was then remanded in police custody and is expected to reappear before the court on January 2017. (AS)