From the Courts
July 26, 2016
Old Montrose resident to answer murder charge today

Old Montrose resident Devon “Chiefman” Charles is expected to appear at the Serious Offences Court today, charged with the Thursday July 23, 2015 murder of 39-year-old André ‘Sweat’ Chewitt.{{more}}

Chewitt was shot five times (once in the head and four times in the back) sometime after 8 p.m. in front his home at Upper New Montrose/Monkey Hill.

The dead man was a known political activist and shop owner, a Unity Labour Party (ULP) supporter, who was actively involved in the campaign to have Deborah Alexander-Charles elected as the parliamentary representative for West Kingstown in the 2015 general elections.

Alexander-Charles had just dropped off Chewitt when he was killed. Some persons are alleging they’re were two gunmen with two different calibre weapons, who fled the scene on foot after shooting the dreadlocked man.

Charles was charged with Chewitt’s murder yesterday Monday, July 25.(LC)