From the Courts
June 3, 2016
Cashwiz manager claims he found 10 rounds of ammo at shooting range

A businessman, charged with unlawful possession of 10 rounds of ammunition, claims he found the bullets at the shooting range.

At the Serious Offences Court on Wednesday, two witnesses took the stand in the matter, in which Andrew French, the manager of Cashwiz, is facing charges of unlawful possession of 10 rounds of .380mm ammunition.{{more}}

“I found them at the (shooting) range,” was French’s explanation, when police found the ammunition at his home at Sharpesdale.

The shooting range at Arnos Vale is operated by the police on behalf of the Firearms Association. It is used for training purposes by police officers and security guards, as well as holders and prospective holders of firearm licences. Ammunition is sold at the range for use during training sessions.

According to a statement by police constable Westfield, a party from the Major Crimes Unit made its way to French’s residence to execute a search for guns, ammunition, jewelry and money on May 13.

Westfield said that French was presented with the search warrant and then asked by sergeant Alexander if he was the holder of a firearm.

When French replied “yes”, he handed over his gun, along with the licence for the firearm and two magazines, each containing 10 rounds of ammunition to Alexander.

The search continued in French’s bedroom, where a grey safe was found in his closet. Found in the safe were a black safe pistol box, a magazine with .9mm ammunition and the 10 rounds of .380mm ammunition.

Westfield said that French was cautioned that he did not have a licence to have in his possession .380mm ammunition before he was escorted to the Central Police Station and charged.

During cross-examination of Westfield, defence counsel Roderick Jones alleged that the search warrant was not read to French, however, Westfield denied this allegation.

Jones suggested to Westfield that French, as manager of Cashwiz, was a “fair and cooperative citizen,” who had, in the past, enabled the police to make several arrests, based on information he provided to them.

Westfield agreed with Jones.

Sergeant Providence also took the witness stand on Wednesday and revealed that French was a licensed holder of a Glock 26 9mm pistol.

The matter was adjourned to June 7.

Police say their search of French’s residence was part of their investigation into an armed robbery that took place at Cashwiz on May 9. Bandits made off with an undisclosed sum of money and jewellery, as well as the pawn shop’s video surveillance system. Cashwiz is located at the corner or Sharpe Street and Long Lane Upper in Kingstown.

In January 2015, burglars reportedly made off with over EC$20,000 in jewellery belonging to Cashwiz, which, at the time, was at French’s home.