From the Courts
December 3, 2013
Woman to spend 18 months in jail for fraud charges

Forty-four year old Nadine Andrews was yesterday sentenced to a total of 18 months in jail after she was found guilty of three counts of fraud.{{more}}

Andrews was sentenced to six months on each count, to be served consecutively. She was sentenced by Chief Magistrate Sonya Young yesterday.

Nadine Andrews had been charged with intent to defraud Dwight Samuel, an assistant Registry officer and falsely representing herself to Kathleen Yvonne Andrews of Stubbs on October, 2010.

Andrews was also charged with three counts of giving three public servants a form (A) application for a national identification card, and a birth certificate in the name of Kathleen Yvonne Andrews.

The recipients involved are Samuel, who was an employee of the Stubbs Electoral office, Pederico Harry and Leeanny Pompey, both immigration officers.

Andrews was charged with intent to defraud both immigration officers.

The acts were reported to have been committed on October 2010, November 2012 and December 2009 respectively. (DD)