From the Courts
November 19, 2013

Union Island grandfather fined $200 for marijuana

A 60-year-old grandfather of five was yesterday fined $200, or in default, spend one month in prison, after he was found guilty of having in his possession 24 grammes of cannabis.{{more}}

Matthias Lewis, a security guard from Union Island, was yesterday ordered to pay the fine, after he was caught with the drug in Clifton, Union Island on November 17.

The court heard that Lewis was walking along the public road, when he was stopped and searched by members of the Rapid Response Unit; the drug was discovered on his person.

The security guard admitted to purchasing the drug for personal consumption. However, Prosecutor Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Glenford Gregg told the court that the drug was already portioned out into “bombs,” suggesting that they were to be supplied to another.

According to counsel for Lewis, the elderly man is responsible for providing for five of his grandchildren – all resident in Trinidad and Tobago. (DD)